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Improved comments about blocked modules

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 from mercurial import mail
 from urllib2 import AbstractBasicAuthHandler, AbstractDigestAuthHandler
-# mercurial.demandimport incompatibility workaround, various keyring
-# backends fail due to it. This should not be necessary once next
-# workaround is present, but to be safe I preserve this setting.
+# mercurial.demandimport incompatibility workaround.
+# various keyring backends fail as they can't properly import helper
+# modules (as demandimport modifies python import behaviour).
+# If you get import errors with demandimport in backtrace, try
+# guessing what to block and extending the list below.
 from mercurial import demandimport
 for blocked_module in [
 # Temporarily disable demandimport to make the need of extending
-# list above less likely.
+# the list above less likely.
 if __import__ == demandimport._import: