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 installed from the official archive (packages ``python-keyring``,
 ``python-keyring-gnome`` and ``python-keyring-kwallet``).
-Then either save ``mercurial_keyring.py`` anywhere and put the
-following in ~/.hgrc (or /etc/mercurial/hgrc):
+Then use one of the three options:
+a) download ``mercurial_keyring.py``, save it anywhere you like and
+put the following in ``~/.hgrc`` (or ``/etc/mercurial/hgrc``):
     hgext.mercurial_keyring = /path/to/mercurial_keyring.py
-or save ``mercurial_keyring.py`` to ``mercurial/hgext`` directory and
+b) save ``mercurial_keyring.py`` to ``mercurial/hgext`` directory and
     hgext.mercurial_keyring = 
+c) install ``mercurial_keyring`` using ``easy_install``:
+    easy_install mercurial_keyring
+and then configure ``~/.hgrc`` so:
+    [extensions]
+    mercurial_keyring = 
 Password backend configuration