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Issue #1 on hold

support HTTP proxy authentication

Anonymous created an issue

Can I use mercurial_keyring for http proxy authentication? It is not clear from the documentation, and would be a very nice addition.

Thanks for your time,

-- Alexandre

Comments (5)

  1. Marcin Kasperski repo owner

    No, it does not.

    Implementing it unfortunately does not seem trivial as the logic of using [http_proxy]passwd is buried deep inside httprepository constructor which I would hesitate to overwrite, so I would probably have to inspect the constructed object afterwards and patch it.

    Or, maybe better, patch the hgrc-reading logic.

    Will think about it but can't promise anything soon. In general it starts calling for some patch in the mercurial itself (delegating all credential reading code to some specific place which could be patched or plugged in).

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