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Issue #20 resolved

username from Mercurial.ini

David Laudy
created an issue

It could be helpfull that keyring uses the username defined in the Mercurial.ini instead of searching only in local .hgrc.



hgrc project 1

default = http://xs000792/hg/project1

hgrc project 2

default = http://xs000792/hg/project2

Comments (3)

  1. Marcin Kasperski repo owner

    If you name your path in sync with your Mercurial.ini it should work now. In your hgrc for project 1 write

    ceems = http://xs000792/hg/project1

    (ceems instead of default) and use hg push ceems, hg pull ceems etc. Same for other repo.

    This behaviour is in sync with normal mercurial behaviour.

    Matching by url without matching prefix seems to be to be inconsistent with (non-using-keyring) mercurial behaviour, and somewhat dangerous. It is perfectly possible that somebody uses the same url (say - bitbucket) with two different personalities (say - private and business), and bare match of hostname is not enough to decide that the identity should match.

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