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Revision history for Keyring-Gnome

0.2502	2012-11-09
	Documentation improvements

0.2501  2012-11-08
        Small documentation fixes, more info in CPAN metadata

0.25    2012-11-08
        Implementing updated app and group semantics (only group is part of password key,
        app is not used at all for a moment).

0.24    2012-11-07
        Handling application name and other API extensions documented
        in Keyring::Auto. App and group are visible in seahorse
        (as User@App/Group)
        clear_password actually removes password instead of setting
        it to "" - and returns info whether it cleared or not.

0.23    2012-11-05
        Fixed problems with install from CPAN ("Can't find __END__...")
        caused by unnecessary autoloader import.

0.22    2012-11-05
        Added is_persistent method.

0.21    2012-11-04
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.