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Revision history for Passwd::Keyring::KDEWallet

0.2006	2012-11-20
	Tests don't fail but are skipped when module is built on
	system with DBUS but without KDEWallet.

        Unifying exception texts.

0.2005	2012-11-15
	Fixed bugs in package dependencies and metadata (wrong homepage
        and repository page links etc)

0.2004	2012-11-11
	Added example

0.2003	2012-11-11
	Skipping tests if not running under desktop session, so the
        module can be installed from root shell etc.

0.2002	2012-11-09
        Documentation updates.

0.2001  2012-11-08
        Small documentation fixes, more info in CPAN metadata

0.20    2012-11-08
        First version (working, functionality equivalent to Passwd::Keyring::Gnome)