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     KDE Wallet.
-    Version 0.2001
+    Version 0.2002
     KDE Wallet based implementation of Passwd::Keyring.
         use Passwd::Keyring::KDEWallet;
-        my $keyring = Passwd::Keyring::KDEWallet->new(app=>"My beautiful app", group=>"My app web passwords");
+        my $keyring = Passwd::Keyring::KDEWallet->new(
+             app=>"blahblah scraper",
+             group=>"Johnny web scrapers",
+        );
-        $keyring->set_password("John", "verysecret", "my-pseudodomain");
-        # And later, on next run maybe
-        my $password = $keyring->get_password("John", "my-pseudodomain");
-        # plus
-        $keyring->clear_password("John", "my-pseudodomain");
+        my $username = "John";  # or get from .ini, or from .argv...
+        my $password = $keyring->get_password($username, "");
+        unless( $password ) {
+            $password = <somehow interactively prompt for password>;
+            # securely save password for future use
+            $keyring->set_password($username, "");
+        }
+        login_somewhere_using($username, $password);
+        if( password_was_wrong ) {
+            $keyring->clear_password($username, "");
+        }
     Note: see Passwd::Keyring::Auto::KeyringAPI for detailed comments on
     keyring method semantics (this document is installed with
-    Passwd::Keyring::Auto package).
+    `Passwd::Keyring::Auto' package).
-  new
+  new(app=>'app name', group=>'passwords folder')
     Initializes the processing. Croaks if kwallet does not seem to be
+    Handled named parameters:
+    - app - symbolic application name (used in "Application .... is asking
+    to open the wallet" KDE Wallet prompt)
+    - group - name for the password group (used as KDE Wallet folder name)
   set_password(username, password, domain)
     Sets (stores) password identified by given domain for given user
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