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     add_to_cleanup      => [ 'Passwd-Keyring-KDEWallet-*' ],
     create_makefile_pl => 'traditional',
+    meta_merge => {
+        keywords => [ qw/ passwords security secure-storage keyring KDE KDEWallet / ],
+        resources => {
+            license     => '',
+            homepage    => '',
+            repository => '',
+            bugtracker => '',
+        },
+    },


 You can also look for information at:
-    L<>
+Source code is tracked at:
         # Perform preliminary build and test
         systemx("perl", "Build.PL");
+        systemx("./Build", "distmeta");
         systemx("./Build", "test");
         systemx("./Build", "distcheck");


+use Test::More;
+eval "use Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON";
+plan skip_all => "Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON required for testing META.json" if $@;
+use Test::More;
+eval "use Test::CPAN::Meta";
+plan skip_all => "Test::CPAN::Meta required for testing META.yml" if $@;
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