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 $is_open = $kwallet->isOpen($handle);
 say "is open($handle): $is_open";
-$kwallet->writePassword( handle, folder, key, value, appid ):
-my $pwd = $KWallet->readPassword($kwallet_handle, 'Test Folder', 'Some Key', $APP_NAME);
-my $pwd = $KWallet->readPasswordList($kwallet_handle, 'Test Folder', 'Some Key', $APP_NAME);
-# entryList( handle, folder, appid )
-# entryType( handle, folder, key, appid)
-# hasEntry( handle, folder, key, appid )
-# hasFolder( handle, folder, appid )
-# removeFolder( handle, folder, appid )
-# isEnabled
-# isOpen(handle)
-# readEntry(handle, folder, key, appid)
-# readEntryList(handle, folder, key, appid)
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