perl/keyring/kdewallet / t / 01-set-and-get.t

#!perl -T

use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;

    plan tests => 8;
} else {
    plan skip_all => "Keyring not available (not running under KDE/Gnome/other desktop session), skipping tests";

use Passwd::Keyring::KDEWallet;

my $ring = Passwd::Keyring::KDEWallet->new;

ok( defined($ring) && ref $ring eq 'Passwd::Keyring::KDEWallet',   'new() works' );

my $USER = 'John';
my $PASSWORD = 'verysecret';
my $REALM = 'some simple realm';

$ring->set_password($USER, $PASSWORD, $REALM);

ok( 1, "set_password works" );

is( $ring->get_password($USER, $REALM), $PASSWORD, "get recovers");

is( $ring->clear_password($USER, $REALM), 1, "clear_password removed one password" );

is( $ring->get_password($USER, $REALM), undef, "no password after clear");

is( $ring->clear_password($USER, $REALM), 0, "clear_password again has nothing to clear" );

is( $ring->clear_password("Non user", $REALM), 0, "clear_password for unknown user has nothing to clear" );
is( $ring->clear_password("$USER", 'non realm'), 0, "clear_password for unknown realm has nothing to clear" );