Error output when creating ::OSXKeychain objects

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Issue #2 resolved
MELO Pedro created an issue

At the end of new(), there is a test command, show-keychain-info.

On 10.11, this commands outputs

Keychain "<NULL>" no-timeout

because the keychain parameter is not given.

I don't see the reason to have the command here, so I would recommend just to remove it.

If there is a need, I would suggest using the default-keychain parameter to obtain the default keychain.

Which one would you prefer? I can send a patch for either.


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  1. Marcin Kasperski repo owner

    The command is there to peform in new „some check” that OSXKeychain can be used (appropriate commands are installed etc). This is part of Passwd::Keyring protocol (new should fail if given backend is not able to work) – this is so to make algorithm „try various keyrings until you find working one” possible.

    I am OK with adding parameter or replacing command with another one.

  2. Marcin Kasperski repo owner

    I added default-keychain parameter.

    Please let me know whether it works better (and feel free to suggest further patch if there are problems with updated command, or if some other command would do the job of testing keychain availability better).

  3. Marcin Kasperski repo owner

    Note: I made two releases today, 0.21 with fixes you suggested here and in #3, and 0.30 where I also finally consumed #1 (making an attempt on international passwords support). In case you face problems with 0.30 let me know, but also test whether 0.21 is OK with respect to changes you suggested.

  4. MELO Pedro reporter

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. I'll check the latest release and get back to you. Thanks.

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