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     Also, all passwords from the file are kept in (unprotected) memory while
     keyring object is active. Therefore, it is recommended to use separate
     .psafe3 file for Passwd::Keyring::PWSafe3, not mixing it with possibly
-    used normal Password Safe database, and to delete keyring object after
-    it is no longer needed.
+    used normal Password Safe database, and to keep keyring object for a
+    short time only, especially if modifications happen.
     There are some limitations in Crypt::PWSafe3 handling of Password Safe
     format. Passwords are read and saved properly and it is possible to
     important aspects of the format, like password expiraton policy, may be
     ignored. Refer to Crypt::PWSafe3 docs for more details.
-    Finally, at the moment the underlying implementation is very slow,
-    depending on the CPU speed opening the ring may take from a few to even
-    15-20 seconds, saving changes is much more costly (4-8 minutes on my
-    weak laptop). As Crypt::PWSafe3 is at it's early version, one may hope
-    for some performance tuning in the future. Using `lazy_save' constructor
-    parameter reduces the cost somewhat, by avoiding costly save on every
-    password change. It is also possible to construct passwords via Password
-    Safe GUI and use this API only to read them.
     Group name is mapped to Password Safe folder.