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Revision history for Passwd::Keyring::PWSafe3

0.2001	2012-11-21
        Minor documentation fixes.

0.20	2012-11-20
        Dependencies, comments, test skips etc updated to work with
        Crypt::PWSafe3 v0.7, which resolves performance problems.
        Module is now reasonably fast and usable (once Crypt::PWSafe3
        >=0.7, and Bytes::Random::Secure are installed)

        Updated example, some test fixes.

0.1001	2012-11-18
        Fixed a few test errors (like bad plans).

0.10	2012-11-15
        Initial release. Works and implements full keyring API,
        although limited performance of Crypt::PWSafe3 seriously
        limits usefulness of save operations.