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; -*- mode: org -*-

* SmTuning ToDo List

** Testing/review needed

Things which could stop working and must be tested.

*** Alerts about conditional, draw etc

To be tested after 2010 changes

See also old thread http://schemingmind.com/topic.aspx?topic_id=79877

*** Experimental current games page

Once it stabilizes.

** Bugs to be fixed

** Technical improvements

*** SVG graphics

Prepare SVG piece sets, embed them instead of using remote urls.

*** Sensible local storage

Things like previous game number and maybe even preferences can be
saved in local storege, not in config.

*** Utilizing jQuery

Looks like SchemingMind uses it, so I could too.

*** Remove contentaccessible=yes


for images, the Mozilla developer suggest you use data: URIs. They are
described here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data:_URI_scheme

** Functional improvements

*** Translations

Maybe start from Polish to ilustrate how.

*** Preferences sync (via wiki?)

Sth like wiki.schemingmind.com/SmTuning/Prefs/342324.

UserID do wyciągnięcia z menu chyba.

*** Game flagging/tagging

and distinguishing on game list by color, and maybe on game page

*** CrazyHouse pieces on hand

Adding box with visible pieces at hand in drop games.

*** Search tournaments by variant

*** Export/import buddy list

*** Print game page

CSS tuning so media=print is printer friendly on game page.

Maybe also batch printing.

*** Bigger smtuning icons when board is bigger

*** Links to a few related games inside game window

So one could skip somewhere without going via game list

*** Skip game

(but where?)

*** Open games from Game Explorer at correct move

Nie ma informacji o numerze ruchu :-(

Jedyne rozwiązanie to przepchanie FENu (EPD) - który jest - do strony partii otwartej z GE (może nawet bez przepychania zrobić, referer-em?) i przeszukanie po matchu. Czyli:

- w GE podpatchować linki by EPD (albo jakiś skrót zeń) wpadł do URLa otwieranej partii
- w partii wykryć ten parametr i jeśli jest, skoczyć do tego ruchu.

Duuużo pracy :-(

*** Hide comments/notes on game page

(single-click hide/show + option to hide by default)

*** Save and restore whole variations from analysis board

Instead of just single move, as currently.

Restoring could just reconstruct internal history of this board.

*** Permanent flip

(if one flips some game, this game remains flipped on revisits, especially
useful for observed games by other players)


*** Sort forum list so forums with new posts are on the top

(maybe also sort by fresh messages)

*** Copy FEN/PGN easily


** Ports

*** Chrome version

*** Opera version