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; -*- mode: org -*-

* Introduction

This directory contains the source code and build scripts of
SchemingMind Tuning Firefox extension. See for general information about it.

Notes below are only to developer's interest.

* Source code

Is hosted on BitBucket

Note: images and scripts building them are not (yet) published, I am to work on this
in some foreseeable future.

* Configuring Firefox to use development version

** General introduction

in particular:

- setup devel profile, 

- use it by sth like

    firefox --no-remote -P dev --purgecaches

and consider setting all the preferences listed on the aforementioned page
plus installing some devel extensions.

** SMTuning setup

Create text file (patching name of Firefox Profile directory appropriately): 


(name must match id from install.rdf)

This file should contain single line like:


(obligatory final slash!)

Restart firefox.

* Building new version after changes

- commit changes

- run perl ./  (with -patch, -minor or -major param depending on changes)

  (it patches version number in install.rdf, options.xul, about.xul etc,
   commits those changes, tags, builds .xpi, calculates control sum and stores it in update.rdf)

- run McCoy and sign update.rdf with smtuning key

- run perl ./ to publish .xpi

- update webpage (change current number, add changelog entry, consider updating features description)

- send announcement to forum