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 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
 # Extract email addresses specified in From, To, and CC fields of 
 # GMail messages, and save them into .csv file (so they can be
-# imported to contacts or addressbook).
+# imported to contacts or addressbook). In particular, created
+# .csv is ready for import into GMail Contacts.
+# While tested on GMail, it should also work against most IMAP
+# servers.
 # Inspired by http://ulrith.livejournal.com/484386.html but written
 # with some extra options (in particular, to parse also To and CC,
     --folder        GMail folder to scan (default INBOX)
     --csv           Name of .csv file to create (if missing, prints on standard output)
-    --host          GMail IMAP hostname  (default imap.gmail.com)
-    --port          GMail IMAP port      (default 993)
+    --host          IMAP hostname  (default imap.gmail.com)
+    --port          IMAP port      (default 993)
     --verbose       Print some diagnostic messages
 Note that using --folder=Sent grabs addresses you sent email to.
-Options --host and --port can be useful if you use port mapping or tunelling.
+Options --host and --port can be useful if you use port mapping or tunelling, or
+just want to use IMAP server different than GMail.
                    documentation => "GMail password");
 has '_imap' => (is => 'ro', builder => '_build_imap', lazy => 1, init_arg => undef, predicate => '_has_imap');
-# traits => ['NoGetopt']
     my $self = shift;