Hello all,

This is Kasprosian, the final developer of AlexBug. Thanks to testers and hard work, we have finally fixed all the release-critical bugs in the code. The server is now live at We held our first tournament today, January 11, 2014.

A few comments about the code. /html is the website that AlexBug is running. On our server, it is located in /var/www/html. As for the real server, it is running on /var/bics. Most of the server code was written by Aramen and the developers of Lasker. I only added about 500-600 lines of code, mostly in src/tbl/* for the team rating feature.

Lastly, some acknowledgements. I'd like to thank SKAcz for doing a brilliant job with PR on FICS and for ensuring a high quality release. Together, we caught many time bugs. I'd also like to thank all the alpha testers. You guys know who you are, and many thanks for helping us get the code debugged. Thanks to Wir, for doing a great job managing our first tournament. And last but not least, thanks especially to the developers who wrote the thousands and thousands of lines of code, Aramen and Lasker developers.

Let today be the first of many games to come.

--Kasprosian January 11, 2014