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Kelsey Hightower  committed a3eac84

pep8 fixes for distutils2.resources

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 import os
 from distutils2.util import iglob
 def _rel_path(base, path):
     assert path.startswith(base)
     return path[len(base):].lstrip('/')
 def resources_dests(resources_root, rules):
-    """find destination of ressources files"""
+    """find destination of resources files"""
     destinations = {}
     for (base, suffix, dest) in rules:
         prefix = os.path.join(resources_root, base)
             abs_glob = os.path.join(abs_base, suffix)
             for abs_path in iglob(abs_glob):
                 resource_file = _rel_path(resources_root, abs_path)
-                if dest is None: #remove the entry if it was here
+                if dest is None:  # remove the entry if it was here
                     destinations.pop(resource_file, None)
                     rel_path = _rel_path(abs_base, abs_path)