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Merwok’s Summer Scratchpad

I will use this wiki to write quick and dirty documents related to my GSoC work. They will either vanish when they’ll have outlived their purpose or be polished into proper documents in the Distutils2 source tree.

See my weblog for more lenghty posts and weekly activity reports: Merwok’s Summer Log.

Note that documents in this wiki may go outdated for a few days; when comments or docstrings in the code and pages on the wiki disagree, the code wins.

Adding A configure Command

Repository: branch “configure” in distutils2-features

Discussion: Python #8254


Moving to Static Metadata

Specification: PEP 345 and ideas that emerged at PyCon 2010, have been collected by Carl Meyer on, and is worked on by me on I’m getting feedback from distutils people and editing the proposed format until it’s rock-solid.

Repository: branch “killsetup” in distutils2-features

Discussion: Python #8252 and #8253

Tasks and teams for this GSoC