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 Here's how to create a new project, which we'll call **TowelStuff**.
-1. Lay out your project main directory.
+1. Lay out your project's main directory
 Under the main directory, you'll **need** a :ref:`setup.py
 <setup_py_description>` and at least one package directory,
 .. note:: You may need to do this every time you change ``README.txt``.
-3. For each release, build and upload the package.
+3. For each release, build and upload the package
 Whenever you release a new version, build your package and then upload
 it to PyPI.  The following command line will create a source distribution
  $ python setup.py sdist bdist_msi upload
-4. Go find some users.
+4. Go find some users
 At this point you should announce your package to the community!
-Grab Your Towel and Save the Universe
+5. Grab Your Towel and Save the Universe!
 The `Quick Start`_ is a good brief introduction, but does not cover a lot of
 obscure use-cases. For those wanting more, please read the :doc:`introduction`