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Minor changes and the addition of an intro for the tools installation doc.

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 Installing the Package Tools
-TODO intro
+In the :ref:`current state of packaging <state_of_packaging_info>` in Python, one needs a set of tools to easily manipulate the packaging ecosystem. There are two tools in particular that are extremely handy in the current ecosystem. There is a third tool, :doc:`virtualenv`, that will be discussed later in this documentation that will assist in isolating a packaging ecosystem from the global one. The combination of these tools will help to find, install and uninstall packages.
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    This document describes the current state of packaging in Python using
    Distribution Utilities ("Distutils") and its extensions from the end-user's
    point-of-view, describing how to extend the capabilities of a standard Python
-   installation by building packages and installing third-party packages Python
+   installation by building packages and installing third-party packages,
    modules and extensions.
 Python is known for it's "batteries included" philosophy and has a
 distribute a package to the greater community with little effort.
 This documentation aims to explain how to :doc:`install packages <usage>`
-and :doc:`create packages <creation>` for the :term:`System Administrator` and
-novice Python :term:`Developer` while still providing references to advanced topics.
+and :doc:`create packages <creation>` for the end-user, while still providing
+references to advanced topics.
 The Packaging Ecosystem