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Client library for MongoPypi, a MongoDB clone of pypi metadata.

MongoPypi let you dig into Pypi metadata as much as you want without killing our dear

GO Ahead! Overload it with the weirdest aggregate().

It's kept up to date to provide fresh data.


To make the python packaging tools better, we need to know our ecosystem, to improve PyPi we must understand where are the weakness and what we can move easily. I hope MongoPypi can help.

Question: what is the number of packages reaching 1000 downloads not hosted on

The catalog-sig mailinglist is waiting for this information, and many others


pip install mongopypi


  • Connection to MongoDB
import mongopypi.model
mp = mongopypi.model.client()
  • Fetch a project{'name': 'boto'})
  • Fetch all releases of a project
django_releases = mp.Release.find({'name': 'Django'})
print([r['metadata']['license'] for r in django_releases])

Now for some really useful requests, take a look at the aggregate framework.

Available Commands

$ pypi_changelog

... Tail -f on changelog

$ pypi_project_changelog boto

... Show the changelog of a project

$ pypi_project pyramid
$ pypi_release pyramid 1.4

... Shows metadata of a project and release

Recent activity

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