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* Fixed a bug in facebook_payments_get_items decorator.
* Added oredr_info attribute on FacebookCreditsContext.

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     * ``request``: The request itself.
-    * Keyword argument ``order_info``: The order information passed
-      when the `FB.ui method <>`_
-      is invoked.
+    It is possible to access `order_info` via :attr:`context.order_info
+    <>`:
     Decorated function must return a dictionary structured as::
-        def get_item(context, request, order_info=None):
+        def get_item(context, request):
             return {
                 "title": a_title,
         config = scanner.config
-            view=wrapped,
+            view=self._decorate(wrapped),
-            decorator=self._decorate
+            renderer='json'
     def _validate(self, item_content):
     def _decorate(self, wrapped):
         def wrapper(context, request):
             info = context.facebook_data["credits"]["order_info"]
-            result = self._validate(wrapped(context, request, order_info=info))
-            return json.dumps({
+            result = self._validate(wrapped(context, request))
+            return {
                 "content": [result],
                 "method": "payments_get_items"
-                })
+                }
         return wrapper


         return self._order_details
+    def order_info(self):
+        """Order info being the order information passed when the `FB.ui method
+        <>`_
+        is invoked."""
+        return context.facebook_data["credits"]["order_info"]
+    @property
     def earned_currency_data(self):
         """Modified field received in `facebook credits callback for payment
         status update for earned app currency
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