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* absolute import are better than relative ones.
* 'that' is not equivalent to 'which', please accept my apologies Shakespeare!

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File docs/source/index.rst

-An extensible `Pyramid <>`_ application which
+An extensible `Pyramid <>`_ application that
 provides default routes and views for Facebook canvas application.

File pyramid_facebook/

     Routes added:
-    * ``facebook_canvas`` associated to url ``/{namespace}/`` which musts be
+    * ``facebook_canvas`` associated to url ``/{namespace}/`` that musts be
       configured as canvas callback url in facebook application settings.
     * ``facebook_canvas_oauth`` associated to url ``/{namespace}/oauth`` for
 class facebook_canvas(view_config):
-    """Decorator which registers a view for the ``facebook_canvas`` route
+    """Decorator that registers a view for the ``facebook_canvas`` route
     with the ``view_canvas`` permission.
     Accepts same arguments as :class:`~pyramid.view.view_config`::

File pyramid_facebook/tests/functionals/

     def app(self):
         if TestController._app is None:
             from pyramid_facebook import includeme
-            from ...tests import conf
+            from pyramid_facebook.tests import conf
             config = Configurator(settings=conf)
             TestController._app = webtest.TestApp(config.make_wsgi_app())