Anonymous committed 1d172fb

* Convert the value of the mixpanel.enabled parameter to a boolean -- without that, the dummy mixpanel utility will never be used because 'False' evaluates to True.

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 import logging
 import requests
+from pyramid.settings import asbool
 from zope.interface import implementer
 from zope.interface import Attribute, Interface
 def includeme(config):
     log.debug('Including pyramid_mixpanel')
-    if config.registry.settings.get("mixpanel.enabled", True):
+    if asbool(config.registry.settings.get("mixpanel.enabled", True)):
         log.debug('Tracking enabled.')
         utility = MixpanelUtility(config.registry.settings)


     def test_includeme(self, utility):
         from pyramid_mixpanel import includeme
         config = mock.Mock()
+        config.registry.settings = {"mixpanel.token": "foo"}
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