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+ Merwok's Mercurial Scripts
+This is a collection of tools that help me save time and work when working with
+Mercurial.  Drop an email to if you like them, have found a
+bug or have a feature request!
+This is a copy of the hgeditor script included with Mercurial itself.  It lets
+you see a diff when writing the commit message.  I edited it to make it smarter
+with Vim.  To use it, set the editor option of the ui section of your .hgrc file
+to the path of this script (see example in included sample.hgrc file).
+Some use cases are not handled well by classic merge tools, which display panels
+with the different versions of the file to merge (the common base, the newer
+version of the first branch being merged, the newer version of the other branch
+to merge, and sometimes another panel with the final version).  There is for
+example a workflow named translations branches that uses named branches to
+handle translations of a set of files.  The advantage of using named branches
+instead of just translating files in a clone is that you don't have to read
+pulled changesets to find out if there are changes in the files you've already
+translated: hg merge does it for you.  The problem is that if your merge tool
+shows you a translated French file in one panel and the newer English page in
+another panel, you cannot easily see what are the changes made in the English
+page: the whole page is different!  To fix this, I wrote this simple script that
+displays the diff of the original file alongside the translated file.  It lets
+you see directly the changes made upstream and apply them as appropriate to your
+translated version.
+To use this script as merge tool, first you should register it in the
+merge-tools section of your .hgrc file (see example in included sample.hgrc
+file), and then you can enable it on the command line:
+   $ hg merge default --tool l10nmerge
+To always use that tool in a specific clone, edit clone/.hg/hgrc and add
+"merge = l10nmerge" in the ui section.