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+Fanstatic can be integrated with a number of web frameworks:
+* zope/grok through :pypi:`zope.fanstatic`   
+* django through django_fanstatic_.
+.. _django_fanstatic:
+In order to integrate fanstatic with your web framework, make sure the 
+following conditions are met:
+* **base_url**: if your web framework supports virtual hosting, make sure
+  to set the ``base_url`` attribute on the NeededResources object. 
+* **error pages**: if your web framework renders error pages, make sure to
+  clear the NeededResources before rendering the error page, in order to
+  prevent resources from the original page to 'leak' onto the error page.
+* **url calculation**: fanstatic can also serve non-javascript and non-CSS
+  resources such as images that you link to from the views in your application.
+  In order to do so, we advise to support rendering URLs to resources
+  from the view/page templates in your web framework.
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