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0.9b (2011-01-06)

Fanstatic is a fundamental rewrite of `hurry.resource`_. As such, Fanstatic
breaks compatibility with hurry.resource. Here's a list of essential changes
since version 0.10 of hurry.resource:

- Fundamental API cleanups and changes.

- Fanstatic no longer depends on ZTK packages, and provides several 'pure' WSGI
  components. This allows for greater re-use in different WSGI-based frameworks.

- `zope.fanstatic`_ (a rewrite of `hurry.zoperesource`_) provides the integration of
  Fanstatic with the ZTK.

- Fanstatic adds a WSGI component for serving resources, offloading it from the
  application framework.

- Fanstatic adds 'infinite' caching functionality by computing a unique URL
  for every version of a resource.

- Fanstatic uses `py.test`_ for test discovery and execution.

- A lot of effort has been put into documenting Fanstatic.

.. _`hurry.resource`:
.. _`hurry.zoperesource`:
.. _`zope.fanstatic`:
.. _`py.test`: