fanstatic-dummy / buildout.cfg

develop = . fixtures/MyPackage
parts = py.test releaser devpython sphinxpython sphinxbuilder pyflakes
versions = versions
unzip = true


recipe = z3c.recipe.scripts
# Need exit status code for buildbot.
# See
script-initialization =
  import pytest
  if __name__ == '__main__': sys.exit(pytest.main())
eggs =
    fanstatic [test]

recipe = z3c.recipe.scripts
eggs = zest.releaser

recipe = z3c.recipe.scripts:interpreter
eggs = fanstatic

recipe = collective.recipe.sphinxbuilder
source = ${buildout:directory}/doc
build = ${buildout:directory}/doc/_build
interpreter = ${buildout:directory}/bin/sphinxpython

recipe = z3c.recipe.scripts:interpreter
eggs = fanstatic

recipe = z3c.recipe.scripts
eggs = pyflakes
entry-points = pyflakes=pkg_resources:run_script
arguments = 'pyflakes', 'pyflakes'
scripts = pyflakes
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