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 * ``GOENVTARGET``: goenv install target. goenv and are installed here.
 * ``GOENVHOME``: All workspaces created with ``goof`` command are here.
+ex) ``~/.zshrc``::
+  export GOENVGOROOT=$HOME/.goenvs
+  export GOENVTARGET=$HOME/bin
+  export GOENVHOME=$HOME/workspace
 If you're fine with installing Go from the source code and goenv at the same time, use
    $ curl -L | zsh
+If you feel anxious to the warning message as shown below::
+   warning: certificate with fingerprint c7:9d:1d:b2:a0:5a:3d:98:63:2c:1c:44:f2:13:c1:10:96:76:ba:fb not verified (check hostfingerprints or web.cacerts config setting)
+Then you can adding ``hostfingerprints`` section to ``~/.hgrc`` configuration file for Mercurial::
+  [hostfingerprints]
+ = c7:9d:1d:b2:a0:5a:3d:98:63:2c:1c:44:f2:13:c1:10:96:76:ba:fb
 3. Usage