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 If you feel anxious to the warning message as shown below::
-   warning: certificate with fingerprint c7:9d:1d:b2:a0:5a:3d:98:63:2c:1c:44:f2:13:c1:10:96:76:ba:fb not verified (check hostfingerprints or web.cacerts config setting)
+   warning: certificate with fingerprint c3:32:c3:b6:4b:d0:87:78:ff:ab:20:6f:9b:9e:3b:c2:a9:b1:0c:eb not verified (check hostfingerprints or web.cacerts config setting)
 Then you can adding ``hostfingerprints`` section to ``~/.hgrc`` configuration file for Mercurial::
- = c7:9d:1d:b2:a0:5a:3d:98:63:2c:1c:44:f2:13:c1:10:96:76:ba:fb
+ = c3:32:c3:b6:4b:d0:87:78:ff:ab:20:6f:9b:9e:3b:c2:a9:b1:0c:eb
+If you got error messages as below and failed checkout the repository of go, you have to check ``hostfingerprints``::
+  abort: certificate for has unexpected fingerprint c3:32:c3:b6:4b:d0:87:78:ff:ab:20:6f:9b:9e:3b:c2:a9:b1:0c:eb
 When the installation that ``release`` version of golang is finished, you can set the ``GOROOT`` variable and adding ``$GOROOT/bin`` to ``$PATH``.
 ex) ``~/.zshrc``::