kay / TODO

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* Mechanism for plugging application more easily.

 * We need a way to add some stuff to jinja2 filters and globals

* Implementation for handling process_view of midleware classes.

* Write documentations about middlewares, jinja2 howtos, etc..

* Change the url of paste capability in the werkzeug debugger.

* Implement start-project script doing as follows:

.. code-block:: console

   $ mkdir yourproject
   $ cd yourproject
   $ ln -s ../kay/kay .
   $ ln -s ../kay/ .
   $ cp ../kay/ ./
   $ cp ../kay/app.yaml ./app.yaml
   $ cp ../kay/ .


* Make widgets can have media(javascript, css)

 * AjaxModelField

* Implementation of ModelField.

 * Cache the choices automatically


* Retry when fails cos' its important to keep
  users' session data.


* Another authentication backend other than Google's auth.

 * When using apps domain, we cannot use https on our domain. We have
   to use domain for SSL. So there will be the problem
   that Kay can not handle the cookies from our own domain.
   To handle this situation, parhaps we can generate random string
   internally for carrying the session values from the domain to the
   other domain.