Ian Lewis committed cac3645

Fix bug that altered the original schema object to add default values. Fixed referencing so that references are kept to structures in the original schema.

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 #TODO: Support adding default values to the original json document if they
 #      aren't present.
-import types, sys, re
+import types, sys, re, copy
 class JSONSchemaValidator:
   '''Implementation of the json-schema validator that adheres to the 
   def validate_id(self, x, fieldname, schema, ID=None):
     '''Validates a schema id and adds it to the schema reference map'''
     if ID is not None:
+      if ID == "$":
+        raise ValueError("Reference id for field '%s' cannot equal '$'" % fieldname)
       self._refmap[ID] = schema
     return x
     #TODO: Validate the schema object here.
-    self._refmap = {}
+    self._refmap = {
+      '$': schema
+    }
     # Wrap the data in a dictionary
     self._validate(data, schema)
     self.__validate("_data", {"_data": data}, schema)
   def __validate(self, fieldname, data, schema):
-    #TODO: Should fields that are not specified in the schema be allowed?
-    #      Allowing them for now.
     if schema is not None:
+      if not isinstance(schema, types.DictType):
+        raise ValueError("Schema structure is invalid.");
+      # Produce a deep copy of the schema object since we will make changes to
+      # it to process default values. Deep copy is not necessary since we will
+      # produce a copy of sub items on the next recursive call.
+      new_schema = copy.copy(schema)
       #Initialize defaults
       for schemaprop in self._schemadefault.keys():
-        if schemaprop not in schema:
-          schema[schemaprop] = self._schemadefault[schemaprop]
+        if schemaprop not in new_schema:
+          new_schema[schemaprop] = self._schemadefault[schemaprop]
-      for schemaprop in schema:
+      for schemaprop in new_schema:
         # print schemaprop
         validatorname = "validate_"+schemaprop
           validator = getattr(self, validatorname)
-          validator(data, fieldname, schema, schema.get(schemaprop))
+          # Pass the original schema object but the value of the property from
+          # copy in order to validate default values.
+          validator(data, fieldname, schema, new_schema.get(schemaprop))
         except AttributeError, e:
           raise ValueError("Schema property '%s' is not supported" % schemaprop)
       #     # get the data itself
       #     realdata = data.get(fieldname)
       #     _validate(key, realdata, schematype)
     return data
   def _is_string_type(self, value):