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small fix to release announcement

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 	-rm -rf $(BUILDDIR)/*
 install: html
-	@rsync -avz _build/html/
+	@rsync -avz _build/html/
 installpdf: latexpdf
 	@scp $(BUILDDIR)/latex/pytest.pdf


 py.test testing tool.  Plugins might need upgrades. It comes 
 with these improvements:
-* more powerful parametrization of tests:
+* easier and more powerful parametrization of tests:
-  - new @pytest.mark.parametrize decorator for running test functions
+  - new @pytest.mark.parametrize decorator to run tests with different arguments
   - new metafunc.parametrize() API for parametrizing arguments independently
   - see examples at
   - NOTE that parametrize() related APIs are still a bit experimental