holger krekel  committed 16af87f

fix compat with testcases from trial-11.1.0

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 - fix and cleanup pytest's own test suite to not leak FDs 
 - fix issue83: link to generated funcarg list
 - fix issue74: pyarg module names are now checked against imp.find_module false positives
+- fix compatibility with twisted/trial-11.1.0 use cases
 Changes between 2.1.2 and 2.1.3

File _pytest/

             ut = sys.modules['twisted.python.failure']
             Failure__init__ = ut.Failure.__init__.im_func
-            def excstore(self, exc_value=None, exc_type=None, exc_tb=None):
+            def excstore(self, exc_value=None, exc_type=None, exc_tb=None,
+                captureVars=None):
                 if exc_value is None:
                     self._rawexcinfo = sys.exc_info()
                     if exc_type is None:
                         exc_type = type(exc_value)
                     self._rawexcinfo = (exc_type, exc_value, exc_tb)
-                Failure__init__(self, exc_value, exc_type, exc_tb)
+                try:
+                    Failure__init__(self, exc_value, exc_type, exc_tb,
+                        captureVars=captureVars)
+                except TypeError:
+                    Failure__init__(self, exc_value, exc_type, exc_tb)
             ut.Failure.__init__ = excstore
                 return __multicall__.execute()