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 - fix issue214 - parse modules that contain special objects like e. g.
   flask's request object which blows up on getattr access if no request
-  is active.
+  is active. thanks Thomas Waldmann.
 - fix issue213 - allow to parametrize with values like numpy arrays that
   do not support an __eq__ operator
 - fix issue215 - split into multiple files
 - fix issue148 - @unittest.skip on classes is now recognized and avoids
-  calling setUpClass/tearDownClass
+  calling setUpClass/tearDownClass, thanks Pavel Repin
 - fix issue209 - reintroduce python2.4 support by depending on newer
   pylib which re-introduced statement-finding for pre-AST interpreters
-- nose support: only call setup, if its a callable
+- nose support: only call setup if its a callable, thanks Andrew
+  Taumoefolau
 - fix issue219 - add py2.4-3.3 classifiers to TROVE list
+- in tracebacks *,** arg values are now shown next to normal arguments
+  (thanks Manuel Jacob)
 Changes between 2.3.1 and 2.3.2

File _pytest/

-__version__ = '2.3.3.dev2'
+__version__ = '2.3.3.dev3'
         description='py.test: simple powerful testing with Python',
         long_description = long_description,
-        version='2.3.3.dev2',
+        version='2.3.3.dev3',
         license='MIT license',
         platforms=['unix', 'linux', 'osx', 'cygwin', 'win32'],
         entry_points= make_entry_points(),
         cmdclass = {'test': PyTest},
         # the following should be enabled for release
-        install_requires=['py>=1.4.12.dev1'],
+        install_requires=['py>=1.4.12.dev2'],
         classifiers=['Development Status :: 6 - Mature',
                      'Intended Audience :: Developers',
                      'License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License',