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Add AccountLimitExceeded

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                 m = self._reg('invalid-parameter-combination').search(e.msg)
                 raise InvalidParameterCombination(m.group('message'))
+            if e.code == 'AccountLimitExceeded':
+                raise AccountLimitExceeded(e.msg)
             # otherwise simply re-raise


 import re
 __all__ = [
-    'AWSError', 'CartInfoMismatch', 'DEFAULT_ERROR_REGS',
+    'AccountLimitExceeded', 'AWSError', 'CartInfoMismatch', 'DEFAULT_ERROR_REGS',
     'InvalidClientTokenId', 'MissingClientTokenId', 'MissingParameters',
     'DeprecatedOperation', 'InternalError', 'InvalidCartId', 'InvalidCartItem',
     'InvalidListType', 'InvalidOperation', 'InvalidParameterCombination',
     and retry your request.
+class AccountLimitExceeded (AWSError):
+    """
+    Account limit of 2000 requests per hour exceeded.
+    """
     'invalid-value' : re.compile(
         'The value you specified for (?P<parameter>\w+) is invalid.'),
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