rst2pdf / CHANGES.txt

Full commit
New in SVN

* Fix Issue 225 (bad spacing in lineblocks)
* Fix Issue 223 (non-monospaced styles used in code)

New in 0.12.2

* Fix Issue 219 (incompatibility with reportlab 2.1)
* Added pdf_default_dpi option for pdfbuilder
* More style docs in the manual
* Better styling of lists
* Fix bug reported in comments in my blog where a stylesheet with 
  showHeader=True and no explicit header caused an exception.
* Fixed Issue 215: crashes in bookrest's background renderer.

New in 0.12.1

* Ship local patched copy of pypoppler-qt4
* Partial fix for Issue 205: KeyError: 'format'
* Fixed Issue 212: XML parsing error in bookrest
* Fixed Issue 210: pickle error in bookrest
* Switched --enable-splittables to True by default
* Fixed Issue 204: syntax error on font importing code

New in 0.12

* Fixed Issue 202: broken processing of HTML raw nodes
* New "options" section in stylesheets. New ["options"]["stylesheets"] subsection,
  which works similar to -s or to an include file: a list of stylesheets to be
  processed before the current one.   
* New --config option
* Fix for Issue 200 (position of frames was miscalculated)
* Fix For Issue 188 (uniconvertor "'unicode' object has no attribute 'readline'" error)
* New raw directive command: SetPageCounter. This enables
  page counter manipulation, and use of different styles,
  roman, lowerroman, alpha, loweralpha and arabic.
* New raw directive commands: EvenPageBreak and OddPageBreak
* New option to make sections break to odd or even pages:
* New option to add an empty page at the beginning of the
  document: --blank-first-page.
* Fixed bug in authors field width calculation
* Support % in bullet and field lists column widths
* Use bullet_list or item_list styles for bullet and item lists respectively.
* Support % in field list column width description.
* Fix for Issue 184 (font metrics go crazy with TT font)
* New admonition code based on SplitTable (beta quality)
* Fix for Issue 180 (support for very very long list items. Needs testing)
* Fix for Issue 175 (widow/orphan titles)
* Fix for Issue 174 (line blocks didn't respect indentation)
* Worked around Issue 173 (quotes didn't indent inside table cells)
* Respect spaceBefore and spaceAfter for footnotes/endnotes
* Added tests for (almost) all of sphinx's custom markup
* Fixed Issue 170 (Wrong font embedding)
* Fixed Issue 171 (Damaged xref table)
* Fixed Issue 159 (Admonition and table widths were miscalculated)
* Fixed Issue 162 (wrong highlighting using sphinx)
* Changed default language policy as described in Issue 53
* Fixed Issue 148 (Images should be looked for relative to source document)
* Fixed Issue 158 (Some admonitions crashed pdfbuilder)
* Fixed Issue 154 (incompatibility with RL 2.1)
* Fixed Issue 155 (crash when sidebars split in a certain way)
* Fixed issue 152 (padding and alignment of table styles, like 
  when using literal blocks inside lists)
* Integrated pdfbuilder sphinx extension (more work needed)
* Kerning support for true type fonts (thanks to wordaxe!), added
  to the docs, added convenience stylesheet.
* Fixed Issue 151 and behaviour on Issue 116, about images too large
  for available space / the full frame height.
* Fixed problem in admonition titles.
* Fixed section names in headers/footers: FIRST section on the page
  is used, not LAST.
* Fixed Issue 145: padding of literal blocks was broken.
* Fixed bug: paragraphs with ids should have the matching anchors
* Fixed bug: internal references were not linked correctly
* Fixed Issue 144: PDF TOC had wrong page numbers in some cases
* More sphinx compatibility
* New table styles code, also make class directive work for tables
* Fixed Issue 140: html-like markup in titles was kept in the PDF TOC
* Fixed Issue 138: Redid figure styling. Also fixed bugs in BoxedContainer
* Fixed Issue 137: bugs in escaping characters in interpreted roles
* Make it work (in a slightly degraded mode) without PIL, as
  long as you are only using JPGs or have PythonMagick installed.
  This is good for OS X, where "installing PIL is a PITA"
* Fixed issue 134: entities were replaced in interpreted roles 
  (not needed)
* Support for aafigure (
* Spacers support units
* TOC styles now configurable in stylesheet

New in 0.11

* Degrade more gracefully when one or more wordaxe hyphenators are
  broken (currently DWC is the broken one)
* Fixed issue 132: in some cases, with user-defined fontAlias, bold and
  italic would get confused (getting italic instead of bold in inline
  markup, for instance).
* New stylesheet no-compact-lists to make lists... less compact
* SVG images now handle % as a width unit correctly.
* Implemented issue 127: support images in PDF format. Right now they 
  are rasterized, so it's not ideal. Perhaps something better will come up
* Fixed issue 129: make it work around a prblem with KeepTogether in RL 2.1
  it probably makes the output look worse in some cases when using that.
  RL 2.1 is not really supported, so added a warning.
* Fixed issue 130: use os.pathsep instead of ":" since ":" in windows is used
  in disk names (and we still pay for DOS idiocy, in 2009)
* Fixed issue 128: headings level 3+ all looked the same
* Ugly bugfix for Issue 126: crashes when using images in header + TOC
* New tstyles section in the stylesheet provides more configurable list layouts 
  and more powerful table styling.
* Better syntax highlighting (supports bold/italic)
* Workaround for issue 103 so you can use borderPadding as a list (but it will look wrong
  if you are using wordaxe <= 0.3.2) 
* Added fieldvalue style for field lists
* Added optionlist tstyle, for option lists
* Added collection of utility stylesheets and documented it
* Improved command line parsing and stylesheet loading (guess
  extension like latest rst2latex does)
* Fixed Issue 67: completely new list layouting code
* Fixed Issue 116: crashes caused by huge images
* Better support for %width in images, n2ow it's % of the container frame's
  width, not of the text area.
* Fixed bug in SVG scaling
* Better handling of missing images
* Added missing styles abstract, contents, dedication to the default stylesheet
* Tables style support spaceBefore and spaceAfter
* New topic-title style for topic titles (obvious ;-)
* Vertical alignment for inline images (:align: parameter)
* Issue 118: Support for :scale: in images and handle resizing of inline images
* Issue 119: Fix placement of headers and footers
* New background property for page templates (nice for presentations, for example)
* Default to px for image width specifications instead of pt
* Support all required measurement units ("em" "ex" "px" "in" "cm" 
  "mm" "pt" "pc" "%" "")
* New automated scripts to check test cases for "visual differences"
* Respect images DPI property a bit like rst2latex does.
* Issue 110: New --inline-footnotes option
* Tested with reportlab from SVN trunk
* Support for Dinu Gherman's svglib. If both svglib and uniconvertor are available,
  svglib is preferred (for SVG, of course). Patch originally by rute.
* Issue 109: Separate styles for each kind of admonition
* For Issue 109: missing styles are not a fatal error
* Issue 117: TOCs with more than 6 levels now supported (raised limit to 9, which 
  is silly deep)

New in 0.10.1

* Issue 114: Fixed bug in PDF TOC for sections containing ampersands

New in 0.10

* Issue 87: Table headers can be repeated in each page (thanks to Yasushi Masuda)
* Issue 93: Line number support for code blocks (:linenos: true)
* Issue 111: Added --no-footnote-backlinks option
* Issue 107: Support localized directives/roles (example: sommaire instead of contents)
* Issue 112: Fixed crash when processing empty list items
* Issue 98: Nobreak support, and set as default for inline-literals so they don't hyphenate.
* Slightly better tests
* Background colors in text styles work with reportlab 2.3
* Issue 99: Fixed hyphenation in headers/footers (requires wordaxe 0.3.2)
* Issue 106: Crash on demo.txt fixed (requires wordxe 0.3.2)
* Issue 102: Implemented styles for bulleted and numbered lists
* Issue 38: Default headers/footers via options, config file or stylesheet
* Issue 88: Implemented much better book-style TOCs
* Issue 100: Fixed bug with headers/footers and Reportlab 2.3
* Issue 95: Fixed bug with indented tables
* Issue 89: Implemented --version
* Issue 84: Fixed bug with relative include paths
* Issue 85: Fixed bug with table cell styles
* Issue 83: Fixed bug with numeric colors in backColor attribute
* Issue 44: Support for stdin and stdout
* Issue 79: Added --stylesheet-path option
* Issue 80: Send warnings to stderr, not stdout
* Issue 66: Implemented "smart quotes"
* Issue 77: Work around missing matplotlib
* Proper translation of labels (such as "Author", "Version" etc.) using the 
  docutils languages package. (r473)
* Fixed problems with wrong or non-existing fonts. (r484)
* Page transition effect support for presentations (r423)

New in 0.9

* Math support via Mathplotlib
* Huge bug in header/footer page numbers/section names fixed
* Several bugs in nested lists fixed (not 100% correct yet, but better)
* Lists that don't start at 1 work now
* Nicer definition lists

New in 0.8.1

* Support for more complex headers and footers 
  (including image directives and tables)
* Optional inline links
* Wordaxe 0.2.6 support
* Several bugs fixed (issues 48,68,41,60,58,64,67)
* Support for system-wide config file
* Better author metadata

New in 0.8

* Support for vector graphics: SVG, EPS, PS, CDR and others (requires uniconvertor)
* Support for stdin and stdout, so you can use rst2pdf in pipes.
* Works with reportlab 2.1 and 2.2
* Simpler stylesheets (guess bulletFontName, leading, bulletFontSize from other parameters)
* Some support for sphinx
* Fixed the docutils Writer interface
* Continue processing when an image is missing
* Support for user config file
* Font sizes can be expressed in units or % of parent style's size
* Larger font size in the default stylesheet

New in 0.7

* Automatic Type1 and True Type font embedding. Just use the font or family name, and (with a little luck), it will be embedded for you.
* width attribute in styles, to create narrow paragraphs/tables
* Styles for table headers and table cells
* "Zebra tables"
* Improvements in the handling of overflowing literal blocks (code, for instance)
* Different modes to handle too-large literal blocks: overflow/truncate/shrink.
* Real sidebars and "floating" elements.
* Fixed link style (no ugly black underlining!)

New in 0.6

* Stylesheet-defined page layout (For example, multicolumn) and layout switching
* Cascading Stylesheets (change exactly what you need changed)
* PDF table of contents
* Current section names and numbers in headers/footers
* Support for compressed PDF files
* Link color is configurable
* Fixed bugs in color handling
* Multilingual hyphenation
* Auto-guessing image size, support for sizes in %
* Gutter margins
* Big refactoring
* More tolerant of minor problems
* Limited _raw_ directive (you can insert pagebreaks and vertical space)
* Implemented a "traditional" docutils writer
* Offer a reasonable API for use as a library
* Fixed copyright/licensing
* code-block now supports including files (whole or in part) so you can highlight external code.

New in 0.5

* Support for :widths: in tables
* Support for captions in tables
* Support for multi-row headers in tables
* Improved definition lists
* Fixed bug in image directive 
* Whitespace conforming to PEP8
* Fixed bug in text size on code-block
* Package is more setuptools compliant
* Fix for option groups in option lists
* Citations support
* Title reference role fix

New in 0.4

* Fixed bullet and item lists indentation/nesting. 
* Implemented citations 
* Working links between footnotes and its references 
* Justification enabled by default 
* Fixed table bug (demo.txt works now) 
* Title and author support in PDF properties 
* Support for document title in header/footer 
* Custom page sizes and margins 

New in 0.3

* Font embedding (use any True Type font in your PDFs) 
* Syntax highlighter using Pygments 
* User's manual 
* External/custom stylesheets 
* Support for page numbers in header/footer