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Remote a few Unimplemented features that have already been

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 The following features (present in some past Stackless version of PyPy)
 are for the time being not supported any more:
-* Tasklets and channels (currently ```` seems to import,
-  but you have tasklets on top of coroutines on top of greenlets on
-  top of continulets on top of stacklets, and it's probably not too
-  hard to cut two of these levels by adapting ```` to
-  use directly continulets)
 * Coroutines (could be rewritten at app-level)
-* Pickling and unpickling continulets (*)
-* Continuing execution of a continulet in a different thread (*)
+* Continuing execution of a continulet in a different thread
+  (but if it is "simple enough", you can pickle it and unpickle it
+  in the other thread).
 * Automatic unlimited stack (must be emulated__ so far)
 .. __: `recursion depth limit`_
-(*) Pickling, as well as changing threads, could be implemented by using
-a "soft" stack switching mode again.  We would get either "hard" or
-"soft" switches, similarly to Stackless Python 3rd version: you get a
-"hard" switch (like now) when the C stack contains non-trivial C frames
-to save, and a "soft" switch (like previously) when it contains only
-simple calls from Python to Python.  Soft-switched continulets would
-also consume a bit less RAM, and the switch might be a bit faster too
-(unsure about that; what is the Stackless Python experience?).
 Recursion depth limit