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Shiva is a generic fuzzer written in C++, it has a custom debugger 
and will be designed for file fuzzing, command line argument fuzzing, 
clients, and servers. It will accept a config file of the format:

  type = "cli";
  filename = "dbg/test-cli.conf";
  arguments = "B|A|C";

The pipes in the "arguments" parameter designate what will be fuzzed, 
in this case, the "A". This will be replaced with the fuzzcases, 
e.g. BAAAAAC. Examples and test programs are in the dbg directory.

To install, you must install libconfig. Once this is installed simply, 
./compile. All files are distributed under the GNU v3 license, but 
should remain private.

Please report any bugs to me or in "Issues" on

(c)2012 Justin Barrick - vorbis
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