Coding Dojo

Boilerplate code for starting Coding Dojos, each folder contains a unit testing framework configured with an initial test.

How to start

git clone

Select the unit testing framework of your preference. Check the README for instructions on how to run the test. Select the Code Kata and start coding!

Code Katas

Some sites to find Code Katas for a Coding Dojo: Coding Dojo Wiki CodeKata Coders Dojo Code Kata Catalogue 12meses12katas


  • lshimokawa: java-junit, javascript-jasmine, javascript-qunit, ruby-minitest-unit, ruby-rspec
  • frodsan: coffeescript-jasmine, javascript-qunit-minispade
  • florent2: ruby-minitest-spec
  • adrianmoya: php-phpunit
  • woakas: python-nose, python-unitest
  • JuanjoFuchs: csharp-nunit

To contribute create a new folder named [programming language]-[testing framework] in lower case.

Example: ruby-rspec

Inside include a with configuration instructions and how to run the first test.

Create the first test and implementation of the String Calculator Kata as a sample.