miuler-demo-exec / src / main / scala / Main.scala

 * Created with IntelliJ IDEA.
 * User: miuler
 * Date: 07/08/12
 * Time: 04:02 PM
 * To change this template use File | Settings | File Templates.

import{InputStreamReader, RandomAccessFile, BufferedReader, BufferedInputStream}

object Main {

  def main(argv: Array[String]) {

  def ejecutarMore () {
    val runtime = Runtime.getRuntime()

    //val p = runtime.exec("ls")
    var p = runtime.exec("sleep 3")
    //var p = runtime.exec("ls /xxx")

    val timea = new java.util.Date()
    val input = fromInputStream(p.getInputStream) getLines() mkString("\n")
    val timeb = new java.util.Date()
    val t = timeb.getTime - timea.getTime
    println("segundos que demoro: ", t)
    val error = fromInputStream(p.getErrorStream) getLines() mkString("\n")

    if (p.exitValue() == 0) {
      println ("============\ninput:")
      println (input)
      println ("============")
    } else {
      println ("============\nerror:")
      println (error)
      println ("error?: ", error != "")
      println ("exitValue: ", p.exitValue())
      println ("============")

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