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Minor tweaks to vim lexer

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     C99 types.
   * Bash lexer now correctly highlights heredocs without preceeding
+  * Vim lexer now highlights hex colors properly and knows a couple more
+    keywords.
 - Added "Visual Studio" style.
 - Updated markdown processor to Markdown 1.7.


             (r'"(\\\\|\\"|[^\n"])*"', String.Double),
             (r"'(\\\\|\\'|[^\n'])*'", String.Single),
             (r'-?\d+', Number),
+            (r'#[0-9a-f]{6}', Number.Hex),
             (r'^:', Punctuation),
             (r'[()<>+=!|,~-]', Punctuation), # Inexact list.  Looks decent.
+            (r'\b(NONE|bold|italic|underline|dark|light)\b', Name.Builtin),
             (r'\b\w+\b', Name.Other), # These are postprocessed below
             (r'.', Text),
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