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This is a plugin for Wintermute Engine which allows WME games to access Steamworks API. Currently it provides functions for manipulating achievements and game stats.

Compiling the plugin


You will need:

Compiling and testing

  • Download the source code or clone the repository
  • Edit the CustomProps.props file and fill-in correct paths to where the Steamworks SDK include files and lib files are stored on your disk, and where WME SDK is installed.
  • Open the solution in Visual Studio and compile
  • This should create two files in your WME directory: wme_steam.dll - the plugin itself, and steam_api.dll
  • If you don't have write permissions to the WME directory, the copying phase will fail. You may need to set the write permissions to allow writing to the "users" group.
  • You will need to create a text file called steam_appid.txt in the WME directory, which will contain the ID of your game on Steam. If your game is not on Steam yet, you can use 480 for the test game Spacewar
  • To test the plugin while developing, follow the instructions outlined here:
  • For documentation on how to access the plugin functions from WME scripts see this forum thread: