Not compiling because of missing function MathUtil::FloatsAreEqual

Issue #32 closed
Kai Schimpf created an issue

With the last commit from HCDaniel there was a fuction call added to:

BRenderSDL.cpp Line 137-138: // the current screen ratio is not equal to the last best one if (MathUtil::FloatsAreEqual(bestRatioDiff, testRatioDiff) == false)

It seems that the change of MathUtil was not commited to the repository, so it does not compile for me.

@HCDaniel: Would be great if the full changeset could be commited to the repository, if this is the issue.

p.s. I'm new to this project, so I didn't want to start changing code already (if I even allowed to do so) and you may have the the solution already on your local disc. ;-)

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  1. Kai Schimpf reporter

    Hi Daniel,

    I can confirm that this fixes the complation. Now I have to resolve a linker issue libtheoraplayer_static.lib and then I hopefully get it to build. ;-) But for now this bug can be resolved by simply commiting those changes.

    Thanks & Regards Kai

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