A visual novel engine for Minecraft driven by a Lua-like scripting engine, MobTalkerScript.

For more information, visit the Project Website.


  1. Install Git and Gradle
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Setup the project by following standard Forge procedure
    • 'gradle setupDecompWorkspace'
    • 'gradle eclipse' or 'gradle idea'
  4. 'gradle build proguard'


Creating an issue

If you're not a programmer or aren't comfortable with submitting a Pull Request, you can submit an issue report to the tracker.
That way other contributors can start working on fixing it.

Submitting a Pull Request

If you want to help the project by fixing bugs or implementing new features, you can fork the repository and submit a Pull Request.

MobTalker2 uses git-flow. Use properly named feature branches for your PRs.

  1. Fork the repository (always from develop, NEVER from master)
  2. Setup the project as shown above
  3. Create a new feature branch and make your changes
  4. (Optional) Squash your commits
  5. Submit your PR

To increase the chances that your PR gets accepted, follow these basic rules

  • Use git-flow feature branches
  • Include the license header on top of your files (easily achieved by running 'gradle licenseFormat')
  • Follow the general coding style of the rest of the project (e.g. spaces instead of tabs)

Contributor Agreement

By contributing to this repository, you understand that you irrevocably grant the project all rights over the submitted code.
If you do not agree to that, do not contribute to this repository.

Copyright (C) 2013-2015 Chimaine, MobTalker2, All Rights Reserved
For more information, see the LICENSE-MobTalker2 file.