This is a fork of the CanFestival-3 project

Latest work done:

  • Fix some big endian issues and remove compiler warnings by adding explicit casts. Thanks to Casey Klimasuskas for sharing.

  • The Canopen dictionary editor now allows to define the size of each string or domain, thanks to Mattes StandfuƟ for his work

  • The stack can now be compiled as a .so shared lib, thanks to Mattes StandfuƟ for this also

  • New example added : examples/linux/dcf

  • I needed the stack to be more dynamic, i wanted to be able to dynamically build the OD and the CO_Data struct without any global declaration, so i have made few changes. (this is not a dirty hack it is even cleaner i think)

  • solving array of string or domain issue (search for "Array of strings issue" in the mailing list)

  • solving bugs on sdo block transfer and dcf management

  • stm32F0/F1/F4 basic support

Any feedback, comment, is welcome.

You can contact me at : fbeaulier < a t > orange < d o t > fr