# Consorcio Ágata ## Building the application with Phing You can build the application using the following command (It will not re-create the database): $ ./bin/phing build -verbose ### Custom settings You should override some application settings in your local application environment by adding a `` file that will override the original `` file. The options that you need to modify are: * Emails are sent using SMTP, you should change `email.username` and `email.password` to enable emailing correctly. You should change `email.defaultTo` and `email.defaultFrom` to a known email account too. * Sending application errors by email is enabled by default. You should change `logger.emailFrom` and `logger.emailTo` to a known account. * If you are using Doctrine CLI to modify/add ORM information automatically you should change `db.emailDocs` with you remail account to update the PHP documentation generated by Doctrine. `` example: email.username="" email.password="yourrealpassword" email.defaultTo="" email.defaultFrom="" # This does not need to be a real email logger.emailFrom="" logger.emailTo="" # Optional if you do not modify Doctrine files db.emailDocs="" ## User information for testing The credentials to do some manual functional testing are as follows: * User: `` * Password: `userdev`