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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Jason R. Coombs avatarJason R. Coombs
Fix presumed NameError when get_ha1_dict is used. Fixes #1105.
Robert Brewer avatarRobert Brewer
Bye bye, py2/3.
Robert Brewer avatarRobert Brewer
Freeow. The magic cherrypy/ module to take all our py3k fears away.
Robert Brewer avatarRobert Brewer
Docstring improvements
Default avatar chbrown
Sphinx docs in cherrypy.lib.*
Robert Brewer avatarRobert Brewer
Final fix for #915 (Add "debug=False" arg to builtin Tools).
Robert Brewer avatarRobert Brewer
All internals now use cherrypy.serving.request/response instead of request/response for a speed boost.
Robert Brewer avatarRobert Brewer
More syncs with python3.
Default avatar visteya
Name improvement for auth_basic and auth_digest tools
Default avatar visteya
Added improved Tools (and tests) for basic and digest authentication, as mentioned in tickets #913 and #914
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