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Name: cmsplugin-news
Description: A news plugin for django-cms

- django-cms-2.0: rev 7353b46ba14dd30bf8db8d0981f35df5bde67fad
- django: 1.1.1
+ requirements for django-cms-2.0

Last tested with:
- django-cms-2.0: rev ed053ba1bf875e5f5ca3a0e111bf572093c71222
- django: 1.1.1

- make sure requirements are installed and properly working
- add cmsplugin_news to python path
- add 'cmsplugin_news' to INSTALLED_APPS
- run 'python syncdb'
- Add the cmsplugin_news.urls to the CMS_APPLICATIONS_URLS setting 
- Add the cmsplugin_news.navigation.get_nodes to the CMS_NAVIGATION_EXTENDERS setting
- Create a page and link the application and navigation to it. (Restart of the server required due to caching!)
- Create the propper templates for your site, the ones included with the app are VERY basic

Todo and Tomaybes:
- Add more tests
- add to for plugins
 - month view with days that link to archive_day view
- Allow comments on news (add option to the news model for it)
- Optimize the navigation code, it works but there is probably a better way to do it.
- Add RSS feed
- Add optional author field
- Add optional end date to hide news again
- Add Tags
- Add translations (I can do the dutch one)
- Ideas other people come up with :D


    ('cmsplugin_news.urls', 'News'),
    ('cmsplugin_news.navigation.get_nodes','News navigation'),

To avoid confusion add a "application" template to the CMS which is like other templates but without any placeholders.
That way users won't get tempted to fill the placeholders and then complain they don't show up ;-)
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